Sunday, August 28, 2005

Speaking of Code Pink 
I just visited an old friend who is a teacher at Castle High School in Kaneohe, Hawai'i. I met another teacher, on duty, who was wearing a "Code Pink" T-shirt.

Castle High School is a few miles away from Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station. Most of the kids on base go to Kalaheo High School, in Kailua, but some who live off base will go to Castle. Castle is also an excellent performing arts magnet school which attracts kids from all over the island, which has a lot of military families, including dozens from Kalaheo.

So if your dad was deployed to Iraq, how would you feel about seeing an authority figure in your school wearing a Code Pink shirt?

I'm all about freedom of expression. But what is an appropriate limit to set? Did the teacher stop to consider how she might be percieved by the students?

Splash, out


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