Friday, August 26, 2005

The unit just got mobilized for Hurricane Katrina.

That's the second trip I've had interrupted by hurricanes, but I'm thousands and thousands of miles out of position right now, and don't know how I'm getting back right now.

I'll wait out the full damage assessment and see how things go. The last two mobilizations we didn't even make it out of the motor pool. But with 1.4 million people without power they will need some National Guard presence for a while.

Normally they try not to mobilize those people directly in the path of the storm. Which would be almost everybody in my battalion, the 1st of the 124th Infantry.

Soldiers, after all, have homes and families they have to look after themselves, and the best way to destroy retention is to pull them away from their families during a time of crisis and bring them on active duty, unless the emergency is really very major.

But between all the civilian emergency personnel and those with possible severe family or home problems themselves as a result of the hurricane, well, it's going to have an effect.

Just how much of an effect I can't say, because I'm so far removed from the scene.

We'll see how it goes.

Splash, out


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