Monday, August 29, 2005

More Code Pink 
Missed it before, but here's Code Pink openly endorsing those who kill U.S. servicemen and untold numbers of Iraqis:

What can we as anti-war activists in the US really do? What do you do with an administration that has degraded the rule of law, raped and maimed it? The Tribunal was just the beginning of filling a void. A void created because all the governing bodies that should be carrying out this task, or should have prevented the horror in the first place have been rocked to sleep, or bound and gagged. We the people need to continue to stand up and not complain about what is lacking, but to fill the voids as citizens, citizens not just of the United States but also of the World. We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people. It is so amazingly obvious; we must get out of Iraq now. They will rebuild their country, it will take time, a long time, but they cannot start until we are gone.

I wonder if this Castle High School teacher knows this?

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