Monday, August 29, 2005

Johns Hopkins Professor Equates Bush with Al Qaeda 
In an entry for the Moral Equivocation Hall of Fame, a Johns Hopkins professor named William Connelly equates the U.S. and Al Qaeda.

From the Baltimore Sun

Finally, we must initiate cross-country citizen dialogues with people of the Muslim faith who find both the state terrorism of the Bush administration and the nonstate terrorism of Al-Qaeda to be abhorrent.

I think its wonderful that we have a society in which our teachers can lead such sheltered and lives.

Splash, out


After 30 years of military service I think I can define a civilized society as a place where I can flip a switch and the lights come on and turn a falcet and water (Potable water at that) comes out. People in our society just don't get it. We live in the absolutely best country in the world. I am really looking forward to going out and mowing my lawn. It's paradise.
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