Friday, August 26, 2005

I've gone native!

I've pretty much dropped that stupid mainland accent I aquired, and I've picked up my Hawai'i accent.

I got some portuguese bean soup from Zippy's, of course, some bento lunches, some spam musubi, some Kalua pig and cabbage, and some more spam musubi.

Even got a couple of good seisuns in... one at O'Neill's on Lewers street in Waikiki and another this evening at a house session in Niu Valley. There are some pretty strong players here!

If I don't head back to Florida early due to the hurricane, I'll be at O'Neill's again on sunday.

Splash, out


When I'm there on Navy business I stay at Outrigger Reef at the end of Lewers. I don't remember O'Neill's. What kind of place is it? I know of you love of celtic music, how are you on slack key?
It's there. It used to be called something else, I believe. It's directly across the street from Moose McGillycuddy's.

I'm a competent slack key guitar player, for short periods, but I can't hold down a full 3 hour set doing it, because I don't do it all the time, and don't know the repertoire (Gabby Pahinui tunes, Ray Kane', Cecilio & Kapono Beamer, etc.)

It's a wonderful style which was passed down to us from the Portuguese.

I'll play a bit of DADGAD once in a while, but again, I already play in standard and drop D, and can do mostly what I want in more standard tunings. DADGAD is cool for Irish stuff, though, and it's great for discouraging pikers from wanting to play your guitar!
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