Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Brave Utah Guardsmen crack down on loitering, "hooliganism" 
If this is how Utah misuses National Guard troops, remind me never to join the Utah National Guard.

See the video. You can clearly hear someone (a guardsman?) threaten the cameraman to 'put the camera down or you're under arrest.'

I very much want to know more, and although Kos gave the topic it's airing, I think any conservative who cares about our National Guard ought to be demanding answers as well.

Splash, out


Without more evidence, it's hard to say what went on. I read the Kos story, read the Sheriff's letter and watched the video. The "guardsman" (or whatever they were) seemed to be calm and controlled until the last few seconds, when two people were taken to the ground for some reason. (Couldn't listen to the audio because my girls are watching a movie.)

According to the Sherrif's letter, no guardsmen would have been involved. "Utah County Major Crimes was contacted to assist with undercover surveillance. Both local and state SWAT teams were called in to control the crowds ( Utah County Metro SWAT, Utah Department of Corrections out of Salt Lake and Gunnison, Department of Public Safety and their helicopter and Provo SWAT) approximately 90 law enforcement personnel combined."

I don't know where the guardsmen reference comes from. It's not in the Kos article. There's also a conflict between what the eye witness says and what the Sheriff's office says. The eye witness claims the party was 100% legal, but the Sheriff's office claims they did not have a permit.

So I would say the jury is still out on this one.
Also being reported via Reason.com, who exist practically on a different place from the Kosling:

(part i, w/ video link to Sploid)

(part ii, w/ info on permits being issued)

The camo'd and helmeted guys in green are unidentifiable, but look like soldiers, at the least they're 'paramilitary', SWAT or what have you. The pretexts are permits, the arrests mostly for drugs, so far. Seems like overkill for a bunch of dopey ravers.
I'm going to echo antimedia. I think SWAT was mistaken for Guardsmen...
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