Saturday, July 30, 2005

Terrorism: the cultural culpability of Europe 
I think a share of the responsibility for European terrorims must be borne by Europeans themselves, who manage to feed the terrorist petri dish in their midst with the seemingly contradictory practices of attacking and alienating Muslim communities with violent attacks and at the same time welcome millions of these immigrants and allow them to take over entire neighborhoods without expecting much in the way of assimilation, in an orgy of misguided tolerance. For years, British, Danish, and French authorities turned the other way in the face of radical imams publicly inciting their congregations to violence, and making excuses for terrorists in Palestine.

Simultaneously - and beginning with the Existential writers like Camus and Sarte, the Europeans and their pseudointellectual admirers cut the knees out from under the cultural influence of the Church... (and even before that with Nietzche and the Marxist radicals in the late 1800s) romanticising nihilism and atheism, and doing their best to create a society ill equipped to confront the multiple evils first of fascism, then of antiSemitism, and then of Communism.

European intellectuals simply lacked an arsenal of rhetorical weapons with which to confront radical ideas in their nascent stages - a handicap which continues to plague them to this day.

Combine this with the historic European prediliction for Jew-hating, and what did they think was going to be the result? How could radical Islamism NOT begin to take root in these European cesspools?

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