Monday, July 18, 2005

Inside the decision cycle 
Soldiers' perspective gives an account of how a multi-stage bombing was foiled:

The soldiers and IPs noticed the car bomb approaching and opened fire on it. The explosion detonated successfully causing minimal injuries and no deaths. Then, Iraqi police opened up on a female suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt. Some shrapnel from her explosion injured the other suicide bomber who was taken into custody, where is currently being interrogated.


I'm particularly impressed with the ability of the leaders on the ground - both U.S. and Iraqi - to read into the situation, and continue to read into it without allowing themselves to be distracted by the spectacular car bomb explosion.

The troops didn't let their guard down, remained alert, and didn't rule out possible threats just because they were women. That's good battlefield discipline. And you can only pull that off with good, alert troops who continue to WATCH THEIR SECTORS and maintain all-round security.

I'm also struck by the fact that at least one of the suicide bombers was a woman. I don't remember that happening when I was in Iraq. But it's an increasingly common occurance in Israstine and Chechnya. If it's becoming a pattern in Iraq, then soldiers' lives just got a bit more treacherous.

Read on: the soldier has a few things about the media coverage as well:

I mean, come on!! The headline is that 11 soldiers were accused of abusing prisoners. The least they could do is talk about it. Instead, all the articles I’ve read go into great detail about a bunch of car bombs and suicide bombers. Only 10% of the article even deals with the 11 soldiers. What were they accused of? What are they claiming is ‘abuse’?

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Hat tip: The Paratrooper of Love

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