Saturday, July 30, 2005

The fatwa 
Ok, so these guys finally manage to come out with a fatwa against terrorism more than four years after 9/11, and we're supposed to be impressed?

Four years.

Was it really that hard, people?

And they don't have the falafels to specifically and expressly include Israeli victims in the fatwa?

Counterterrorism blog has much more. And convincingly shows that some of the same people behind the fatwa have links to radical Islamic organizations themselves. In fact, some are facing deportation hearings here in the U.S.

I suppose it's a good start. And maybe it's an indication that REAL Muslims are starting to take back their mosques and congregations from these jackals.

It's time to see an open revolt against radicalism, throughout the U.S., of course, but especially in Europe, where this kind of radicalism is much more entrenched, along with the near willful failure of these communities (and the European nations surrounding them) to practice assimilation.

Splash, out


It's a "good start" that four years after 9-11, the first anti-terrorism "fatwa" is a fraud??

Steve Emerson has thankfully exposed a classic case of takkiya.

The lack of any "not in my name" rallies 4 years after 9-11, and this phony fatwa, are prima-facie evidence that so-called moderates are NOT taking a stand.

Complicit silence would be a more accurate summary of the "moderates."
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