Saturday, July 30, 2005

BBC Employee sending death threats to Afghan blogger 
Apparently, it's not just the Guardian who's been hiring radical Islamic fucktards.

Someone has been sending death threats to an Afghan blogger from the BBC's IP address.
Pseudonym: I know you
Sunday, June 26, 2005

“Have you scared a lot? So timid you are. You are exactly like a wounded dog. Do you think I do not know you? You are the one who once used to grow longer hair. You are the one, whose last three digits of mobile number end with 033. Aren’t you? You are the one who once used to work with the InterNews, and you are still working. Aren’t you? Do not so disappointedly shake your hands and feet. Your work has come to its end. I will very soon disclose your dirty name. Filths like you do not have any place in this land. You have to be buried in a muck grave. You and your complexes should be buried under debris of stone and clay. There were a number of people like you, who did not remain alive. They were all buried in graves. You have to be taken off from this land so that better human beings could take your place. For, you are dirty.

Yep...A WHOIS query traces that IP address back to the BBC.

I guess that's what you get when you start hiring your editorial leadership away from Al Jazeera.

Splash, out


...is it just me or is "They were all buried in graves" a bit redundant? Where do you bury people besides in graves?

Anyway, whole message is just more proof that the BBC needs to shape up or be eliminated. How can they expect anyone to take them seriously with fiascos like this going on?
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