Thursday, July 21, 2005

Allah akhbar 
A commenter on this post takes exception to my use of the term Allah Akhbar in solidarity with my Muslim American friends:

And FYI, "allah akhbar" means "allah is greatest" (as in, Allah is better than all other gods). It's what Mohamed Atta said as he flew American Airlines Flight 11 into 25,000 Americans sitting at their desks at One World Trade Center.

Do you think allah is better than all other gods?

Yes I do. By definition.

I'm surprised I would have to explain this to someone who claims to have read the Koran.

You should also browse through a koran, for your own knowledge. Don't take my word, or your friend's word, read for yourself.

I did. It said that God is all-merciful, and that there is no compulsion in religion.

But I guess the whole 'infidels' wearing rubber gloves thing doesn't bother you.

Nope. Not in the least. Muslims do the same thing. Not with the rubber gloves. Hand washing with a bottle of water prior to handling the Koran would be better. But a devout Muslim will wash his or her hands before touching the Koran. I would regard a similar gesture as a common courtesy, from one "person of The Book" to another.

I don't respect terrorists. But I respect Islam, properly practiced, and I respect their holy text. I would show respect in this way for the same reason I, a non-Jew, wear a hat or yarmulke when I enter a synagogue or attend a bris. To show respect for the tradition.

(Come to think of it, just about any guard in physical contact with a detainee probably wears rubber gloves anyway, as a matter of course. So what's the big deal?)

Splash, out



There's one Website I came across recently. It's called: Islam Undressed.

Sorry I don't have a link right now, but the site can be accessed through any decent search engine.

I'd like you to have a browse and tell us what you think. I have say it scared the living s*** out of me.

Now I'm beginning to understand what motivates these maniacs who are trying to bomb us out of house and home here in London.
On why god is the same as allah.
Wow, never took you for the willfully blind type.

Been reading your blog almost daily for over 2 years now, so I'm surprised intellectual honesty went out the window so quickly on the topic of islam.

Guess it's understandable you don't want to offend your friends...

Some points to consider -- muslims in the US account for less than 1% of muslims worldwide. There have been zero "not in my name" rallies from muslim groups, in the US or elsewhere, since 9-11.

One billion people, zero "not in my name" rallies.

Conversely, thousands of muslims rally in the UK every September 11th to praise the "magnificent 16."


Perhaps you're willing to make excuses, and avoid the hard facts, but many are not.

Lastly, if all you've pulled from the koran is that "allah is all-merciful" you've read a different book than myself.

You're wrong on this Jason, and if you're as honest and inquisitive as I think, you'll dig deeper on this issue and get at the truth.

There's a new book coming out next week from Robert Spencer:

"The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades)"

See also:

"Islam and Dhimmitude: Where Civilizations Collide", by Bat Yeor

"The Sword of the Prophet", by Serge Trifkovic

I'll keep reading your blog, and hope you post more about this topic in the future, perhaps rebutting some of the arguments made by Yeor, Spencer, Trifkovic, and others who are unapologetic in their assessment of islam.
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