Tuesday, June 21, 2005

That's Gratitude For Ya 
A 21 year-old Palestinian woman was entering Israel because she was seeking medical treatment for severe burns she suffered in a kitchen accident.

Only problem is, she happened to be carrying 22 pounds of explosives hidden under her clothes.

She planned on blowing up a hospital.

Cease fire, my ass.

I blame the Joooooooos.

Oh, and Canada, of course.

Nice to see we Canucks getting our ounce of requisite blame...

Actually from what I have read about the psychological profiles of the suicide bombers, the girl in question is not far off the average. They look for vulnerable, easily influenced people, often with some type of social stigma or problem. They spend a considerable amount of time browbeating them, cajoling and pushing them into a frame of mind that makes them willing to "martyr" themselves. The follow-up is the sudden glorification of the martyr and their family's "sacrifice" in the aftermath, often making the choice a socially acceptable, even desirable one for social outcasts.

They often target teens, young girls and the socially inept. In this they are no different than any other cult, hooking in the most vulnerable to use for their ends.
Cease fire my ass??? You bet. Let's get the hell out of this country Iraq. We do not belong there anyway. They did nothing to us and before us all was under control. Enter the U.S. and everything goes to shit!
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