Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Shameful analysis 
A UK reader writes in:

Read the Guardian report that you linked to with increasing incredulity.

1) 10 dead insurgents and 40 captured. FORTY! I'm no soldier, but presumably it takes impressive fire-and-manouvre tactics to cut off an enemy's retreat such that he surrenders in a tight urban environment.

2) Police machine gunner pinning down the attackers and permitting flanking manouvre - these are police rather than trained soldiers (although I suppose the Iraqi police is essentially a paramilitary force now) and yet they show considerable skill and discipline.

3) The locals phoning the police with details of insurgent movements, and taking potshots at them as well - this must prove that the insurgents are a popular uprising *cough cough*, probably downtrodden peasants. Or something.

4) A synchronised attack by the insurgents - does this display an increased level of tactical skill, such that you had been advising us to keep an eye out for in previous posts? Even so, it was handily defeated.

I wonder if there has ever been a more egregious example of reported fact and moronic analysis? Shameful.

Agreed. Reporters should know their limitations, and not attempt analysis without involving a pro somewhere in the process.

Of course, that doesn't prevent me from analyzing a bunch of crap I know nothing about on this blog, does it? :)

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