Sunday, June 19, 2005

Now I've Seen Everything! 
No more Mister Nice Blog reads the NY Times story on the recently liberated victims of Al Qaeda torture chambers -- and accuses U.S. forces and the New York Times of "stage managing" fake news stories!

Am I wrong to think it's awfully convenient that just as we're having a serious discussion of prisoner abuse at Guantanamo, the front page of The New York Times has a story telling us that U.S. troops have found a torture chamber run by Iraqi insurgents -- and that the troops also discovered a surviving victim of the torture (who, alas, won't allow himself to be photographed, or even allow his wounds to be photographed)?...

I question the timing of this story, with details that oh-so-perfectly line up as a right-wing rebuke to the critics of Gitmo.

This is what the wild-eyed, drooling left has come to.


Splash, out


They seem to be upset with the level of response they have received from the right on this issue...I wonder why that is? :)
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