Friday, June 03, 2005

Letters, Lord do I get letters! 
Here's one from the comments section to this post:


I love how Mr. Instapundit, Glenn Reynolds, was miraculously able to spin the NYT story with a link to a highly suspicious-looking "weblog" of one "Jason Van Steenwyk" (no rank given) who was in the US Army National Guard unit that preceded in that sector of Iraq the Marine unit profiled in the NYT article, Company E of the 2-4...

Or something like that. Van Steenwyk's weblog looks phony, as none of the archive links work and this is the only entry.

It looks like a quick hack job by Pentagon public relations people: it's badly written, disjointed, and utterly specious.

I love the "this is the only entry" part.

It also goes to show you how quick the idiot wing of the Democratic party is to embrace conspiracy theories. (Gee, think you could emailed me to check me out first? Or at the very least, googled my name, dumbass?)

I don't mind getting being taken to task for mistakes or over differences of opinion. But someone trying to argue I don't exist (like, who would make up a name like "Van Steenwyk"?) takes the cake!

Here's another fun one, from the comments to this post:


Well, at least they didn't announce the death of a soldier who didn't appear to have died after all. I am surprised you even dare to continue this blog after such a huge faulure [sic]. And YOU are telling people to do their frigging jobs????

That one was a hit and run from an anonymous reader. Yes, I did misread a news story and misidentify a KIA soldier from the 3rd ACR. There are a couple of differences, though:

1.) When I realized I had erred, I wrote a correction, and posted it on the blog, just as prominently as the original post that contained the error. Has the Times of London done the same?

2.) Blogging isn't my job. It's a hobby, and, to the extent it helps people formulate more informed opinions about military policy, financial planning, or whatever else, it's a public service. A PUBLIC SERVICE. Not holy writ.

3.) My error was a syntactical lapse, in this case. It was not rooted in a fundamental inability to comprehend the story based on inadequate background and incompetence in military affairs. Unlike the Times of London, which presumeably has editors and access to a number of subject matter experts.

4.) Do I dare and do I dare? Why on earth shouldn't I "dare?"

Oh, and finally, my favorite:

You fucking retard. Did you even go to high school? from what you write, [sick] it looks like you're as smart as your fuck sting president, you piece of shit.

Needs no comment, but I'll address a reply to my correspondent:

Yes, sir, I did attend high school. But it was nearly 15 years ago, and I wasn't in a special classroom for slow kids. That's why you don't see me in your classes now. But perhaps when you graduate in seven years or so, we may run into one another in another context. Like when you ring up my order at Taco Palace. :-)

Splash, out


Too damn funny for a reply. :)
Ah, I see-you CAN leave a comment! Yeah, would be nice to see this on the front page, Jason.
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