Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Koran is not an idol 
I hate to be the one explaining Islam to Muslims and the press corps, but let's get something straight:

Islam is the most self-consciously monotheistic religion on the planet. Islam rejects the divinity of Christ on the grounds of monotheism. "Do not say that God has a son. High exalted is he (Allah) beyond having a son!" says the Koran.

I think Mohammed had a point there (although to a Christian, the distinction between God the Son and God the Father is a distinction without a difference, since the son IS God, and is one with God. But that's a strange concept for a Muslim to wrap his or her head around).

The Muslims will not be outdone by the Jews on the monotheism front. Muslims are flat out hard-core monotheists. And as such, they reject the worshipping of any idol or graven image. But more than that, Islam rejects anything that might even smack of idol worship.

The Koran, to a Muslim, contains the final and complete revelation of God to Mohammed, confirming all the earlier scriptures. It is holy writ, and the inspired word of God. But the Koran itself is not God. It is not to be worshiped as an idol or graven image. In its physical form, it is simply a book. Allah is much greater than any book. High exalted is He beyond being worshipped in the form of a book!

It is therefore impossible for soldiers, or anyone else, to desecrate the Koran. I can immerse the Koran in urine, but I would not profane the Koran. I would only desecrate myself. I don't prove myself powerful. I would only prove myself to be an ass.

Hardly something worth rioting half-way around the world over.

It is true that Islam requires the faithful to wash themselves and cleanse themselves before handling the Koran, and before approaching God in prayer.

But here's the key. The faithful do not wash themselves to protect the Koran. The faithful wash themselves to prepare themselves, mentally and spiritually, for communion with God.

There is nothing any soldier can do to desecrate the Koran. To a true Muslim, the word of God is bigger than that. I can shake my head at the ignorance and arrogance of a few soldiers guilty of the destruction of the Koran. But it's just that. Ignorance and arrogance, and a fundamental immaturity.

And that's all.

Allah is most surely the forbearing, the all-forgiving.


Splash, out


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