Thursday, June 23, 2005

For the record... 
Calls for Durbin's head are a little overblown.

What he said was stupid, but I think Kos had it right (for once!): He wasn't really saying that what the US did was as bad as Pol Pot. What he was saying was that if the US makes a detainee wet himself, that's as bad as Saddam making a detainee wet himself.

Which is at least arguable.

Now, that ought to bring into stark relief the lunacy of Rangel's assertion that the war in Iraq was "worse than the holocaust," was "worse than those six million Jews being killed."

Durbin is a tool. What he said was foolish, and now his statement is being used by the enemy as propaganda. But Rangel is the one that needs to be ridden out of town on a rail. The people of New York need to bury that man, politically.

They won't. The New York Times is too chickenshit to even cover the controversy.

Splash, out


P.S., No. Al Jazeera is not the enemy. Al Jazeera represents a potential customer.

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