Saturday, June 18, 2005

Congratulations SGT Leigh Ann Hester 
SGT Leigh Ann Hester, a military police soldier and Kentucky National Guard member, became the first woman since WWII to win the Silver Star.

She won it for her courage, leadership, decisiveness, quick thinking, and aggressiveness at this action at Salman Pak.

My comments on the action here.

Well done, sergeant! And a well-earned medal.

Without taking anything away from SGT Hester's accomplishment, though, I think it's safe to say that the Army's chock full of soldiers like her - both men and women.

I'm so very proud to be a member of this Army.

Veteran's Day is November 11th and I hope that EVERY American will be flying the flag in honor of our troops fighting in Iraq and around the world to preserve our freedoms!

I can even tell you where to get one for free! Visit AmericanFlags.com right now and they'll send you a FREE American Flag. These flags were $19.99, but now they are FREE. You pay just for shipping/handling and they'll ship one to your door. (Actually - I've ordered more than 20 from them to give to my neighbors, as gifts, etc!)

Get your free flag now: **FREE AMERICAN FLAG**

Semper Fi!

Bill Adams
I have been thumbing through the net for awhile and it feels similar to chasing rainbows to discover answers. Finally, some progress in finding your blog. I especially enjoyed your most recent post.

Wishing you the best of luck,
american flag
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