Sunday, May 08, 2005

Shoah biz 
The German ambassador to London is upset because the Brits aren't quite over World War II.

The humour stops when I hear that German children are regularly beaten up and abused by British youngsters who don't know what Germany's about."

Ok, well, that's not funny anymore. But you know what else isn't funny? I met a young German lady with a sort of dark, olive complexion a few years ago. She showed me the scars on her arms she got in high school when gangs of German kids would hold her down and burn her with cigarettes because they thought she was Jewish.

Nope. Can't blame that one on the Muslim immigrants.

Meanwhile, Antisemetic attacks in Germany rose 69% between 2002 and 2003.

Says the German ambassador:

"Like the conquering of the West is part of the American myth, so it is the same with the British and the defeat of Nazism"

Schreien Sie mir einem Fluss, meiner guter.

That wasn't a myth. Those were the people that raised you.

I know good Germans are getting exasperated that they're being raked over the coals again and again for the whole Holocaust thing. But the crimes perpetrated by the German people were so severe, such an affront to humanity, and so historically unique, if not in scale, then in sadistic malevolence, that no two or three generations can possibly wash out the stain on German honor.

Modern Jews are still routinely smeared with blood libel for events that occured nearly 2000 years ago. And Nazi Germans ruthlessly exploited the misconception - as did generations of enthusiastic pogromers before them in Germany and points east.

And so now, with the bodies of some of the Holocaust's perpetrators and victims alik still drawing breath, German diplomats are going to lecture the victors?


I'll forgive. And embrace modern Germans. And there's no excuse for assaulting German schoolchildren. We should be better than that.

But some things are hard to put aside, y'know?


Splash, out




Update: Double heh. Look at the big aqualine Jooooo-lookin schnozzes on the skeeters!

(Via Little Green Footballs)

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