Sunday, May 01, 2005

L.A. Times, you're "BUSTED!" 
Patterico catches the L.A. Times deliberately doctoring a Reuters story to remove the satellite evidence that the Italian communist journalist Giuliana Sgrena was lying when she insisted that the car she was traveling was going 30 miles per hour when it was fired on.

Patterico also shows that the L.A. Times edited Reuters' text to read "slaying" rather than the more neutral term "killing."

Great catch, Patterico.

Geez, did the pseudojournalists at the L.A. Times think no one would notice? Are they really that arrogant? Do they really have that little respect and regard the truth?

I would think that altering Reuters' text in such a way may be a violation of their licensing agreement.

But most of all, the public should be angry -- angry that the Los Angeles Times, the monopoly newspaper of one of the largest cities in the nation, deliberately concealed the evidence that clears the checkpoint soldiers of wrongdoing.

The Republic is not well served by this kind of editing. And the Los Angeles Times, once again, should be ashamed of itself.

Splash, out



I'd like to see you comment on the story below.


I'm familiar with SImpson's bias but I'd love to hear your throughts on:

1. iraqi language prep that soldiers/marines went through for iraqi freedom?

2. How self aware are soldiers about the preceptions of other nations [esp european] that they are too quick on the trigger too unaware of the culture, yada, yada etc.

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