Saturday, May 07, 2005

Doonesbury's riffin' on blogs 
Hey, y'all...

A big shout out to Dadmanly, who noticed some comic strip gettin' down on it with the PIMPIN' milblog thang.

Doonesury's apparently been a comic strip for some time. It's kinda like Day by Day, for college profs.


As soon as I crawl through this monosyllabic testosterone fog that Trudeau thinks all us milbloggers seem to dwell in, I'll see if I can figure out how I can dish up for myself some sort of ironic touch that Trudeau apparently thinks none of us have.

Does Trudeau "get it?"

Did he actually bother reading many milblogs?

Umm, "Air cav????" The 1st Cavalry division is mech now. They have aviation squadrons. But the "Air Cav" concept is a relic of Viet Nam.

Well, spahk out this strip and the weeks following and make up your own mind.

And then remember what I told you back in November 2003: Even when liberals try to be sympathetic toward soldiers, they wind up being insufferably condescending instead.

Peace, out, brothahs.

Moondog 6

I'm a veteran writing this very minute about the whole condescension thang. I missed your post back in 11/2003 so thank you for linking to it. As for Trudeau, he's stuck back in the 1960s.
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