Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Washington Post shows again why it's the best newspaper in the country, with as close to a perfect piece of war writing as I've ever seen.


The writer uses vivid details, and tells the story with verbs. She sticks to the facts, because the facts are the story, and the story is compelling. Her subjects are human but she's not maudlin about it. She's honest about her own place in the story, and her own feelings, which must have been overwhelming.

She doesn't attempt to provide "context" she's not in a position to understand. She doesn't try to show off her knowledge of the military (which is where reporters run into trouble.)

Her writing does not rejoice in wrongs, but calmly notes the dignity of the men around her. It does not boast, and is not puffed up.

And she's mastered the art of the telling, descriptive detail.

Nice work.

I still wear the 3rd ACR combat patch with pride, because the 3rd ACR is full of people like these.

R.I.P, Sergeant Major Caldwell.

As far as I know CSM Caldwell is still alive (albiet in pretty bad shape) at Walter Reed. His gunner died on scene though.

This article shook me up a bit as I was the Regimental Nurse for 3d ACR during OIF I and knew CSM Caldwell very well.
My name is SGT Caldwell, served with the 3rd ACR in OIF-1, and know CSM Caldwell very well. He is alive, pretty banged up, and doing well. A full recovery is expected. Pray for the Brave Rifles, I bled with them, and many more have and will.
Screw Caldwell. He is an asshole who only cares about other black soldiers or masons. Reap what you sew, mother******!!
Hello Big John, this is Drake and I am praying that you are doing fine and recovering quickly. The family sends thier prayers and love.
I was the Regimental Chaplain for the 3d ACR in its first deployment to Iraq. CSM John Caldwell was (and still is in my opinion) one of the best, if not THE best CSM's I have ever served with. The nasty comment by someone here obviously did not know him. CSM C is a wise, and good friend. He had the uncanny ability to lead troops while never being preferential. He ALWAYS was on mission with the soldiers. He is in my prayers.

Chaplain (MAJ) Christopher Faria (retired)
I agree with the other Anonymous poster that CSM Caldwell was a piece of work. In a Command & Staff meeting before we left for OIF 1, he told Commanders and 1SGs to "Remember you piece of sh!t soldiers and if we get gased have them be the ones that you use to unmask first to see if it is clear." I was an Officer with 3ACR and at that meeting. CSM Caldwell got what he deserved.

Also Chaplain Faria, when I worked in the RS1 shop, I was informed by senior staff that a Chaplain with 3ACR ran a prostitution ring during OIF 1, but that it would be disgraceful if it was ever brought to light and it was swept under the rug.

I love 3ACR but there are some shady characters there.
My husband and I worked with SGM Caldwell and he Is the Best,always very professional and always helpfull to all.
He never favored anyone,and for those of you who say he favored African americans, I will have to
say that he was always equal with all!
Im hispanic and my husband is white so, there is no favor there.
He helped us during very difficult times, when no one else would!
And in regards of Chaplain Faria, he is also a superb chaplain. He was always willing to help no matter what!
To all may God bless the USA!
I was with Tiger Squadron during OIF 1 and 3. CSM Caldwell and Chaplain Faria are both great men. Csm Caldwell used to bring me care packages when he visited us on our FOB because he knew that my family couldn't always send me stuff. I pray that when he was injured by the IED in 2005 he didn't lose his care for soldiers because we have not lost our care for him. ai-ee-yah
I was also in oif 1, thunder squadron. I hope CSM Caldwell is doing great. He was always kind and fair to me though I did not know him well. I did not care for CSM Thompson, though I feel that's likely because of the nature of his job- Sergeants Major aren't supposed to be everybody's friend.

Feel sorry for any soldier who has said something so awful about a fellow soldier. Talk about someone who deserves what he has coming to him..

But I can concur, CSM Thompson did not die of his injuries- I often heard news of him while I was in Korea. My sergeant major there knew him well.
Its apparent some individual has over spoke, I will pray for them. The words CSM Caldwell got what he deserved took my breath away. Why would an individual speak in that manner about anyone that has served our country regardless of rank. You my friend are a Piece of Work. I pray nothing like this ever happens to you. Some day you will man up!
For you "dicks" bad mouthing CSM Caldwell, evidently you are all idiots. First because he was a fellow soldier who bravely fought for our great nation, secondly because he was a fine NCO. I served under "Big" John in Sabre squadron too, so I knew him very well and he was a dear friend to me. Oh and by the way I'm white so again your comments hold no value. If anyone has any information on CSM Caldwell's health and whereabouts I can be contacted at 719-439-2183 or tommy.sanitz@ampatss.com
RSCM Calwell was a good CSM, and I served with him in RHHT during OIF1 and so have firsthand, direct knowledge of this. Unfortunately, 3ACR was painfully slow to understand there was an insurgency slowly and steadily growing in Anbar Province, and it was out of control before anything could effectively be done about it. The major insurgency that ensued for years in Iraq began in the 3ACR sector in Anbar Province in 2003, eventually growing and spreading to other areas of the country. The Regimental leadership was arrogant, aloof, and reactive. The Regiment was in no way, shape, or form trained or prepared for effective operations in an insurgency.
Shame on you.
Yes,I served under the leadership of Ssg John Caldwell in Ft Riley Ks Bco 2nd plt 2/34 Armor. He was an outstanding supervisor on and off the field. He is a man who shows no prejudices regards to race,rank,religion,and relationships. His gunner was Cpl Hivey from Indiana. Cpt Winkie, Co. I have recently,retired from Nypd. Ps I'm trying to make contact with Rsgtmaj john Caldwell on his health and well-being. Email me at M1a1tankerg@aol.com.Thanks
I served with the 94th Military Police Company during OIF 1, we were assigned to the 3rd cav. Our unit had some problems that were brought to the attention of CSM Caldwell. He cared about soldiers and did what needed to be done. In my opinion he was one of the best CSM's I have ever served under. For those of you making statements about race, which is inappropriate, I'm white.
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