Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reuters has blood on its hands 
If what Talabani says is true, and that the 50 bodies pulled from the Tigris river were indeed hostages from a mass kidnapping from a village south of Baghdad murdered by the 'gunmen,' then Reuters helped make it possible.

Reuters helped make it possible by telegraphing the coming raid across the wires before it happened, allowing the hostages to be removed and murdered.The civilized world should be enraged at Reuters' callous disregard for life in pursuit of a cheap scoop.


Where's Poynter?

Splash, out


Consider that "Iraqi and U.S.-led forces are expected to launch a major overnight rescue bid" isn't much of a surprise to the insurgents. They had already "surrounded" the town, and if I recall correctly, had "launched raids" into outlying structures to "locate the hostages". The act of the raids alone would've alerted the insurgents to leave the town, and once clear, kill their hostages and dump them.
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