Monday, April 04, 2005

NY Times still scared of the word "terrorist" 
From today's Times:

Just days before the planned resumption of bus service across divided Kashmir, threats from militant groups operating on the Indian side of Kashmir have begun to sow fear among would-be passengers, and Indian security forces have promised beefed-up protection

As soon as a list of authorized passengers was released last week, four obscure self-described insurgency groups responsible for a 15-year fight against Indian rule in Kashmir threatened to turn the buses into coffins.

The headline: "Militants Threaten Kashmir's New Bus Service."

Geez, Times - Just what the heck do you have to do to qualify for the label "terrorist?"

Splash, out


Terrorist is really not the right word in the first place. I understand it has become common place, but it is really misleading. And it's primary a propoganda tool. By defining a person a terrorist you nullify their values, the very reason for fighting. You lump them into the same categories as criminals, thugs, and vandals.

That sir is not what they are. They have a purpose, a strategy, a goal. Just because you find their methods distasteful, or outside the scope of Gentlemanly warfare does not define them...their methods are only the tactics and strategy available to them in the face of a superior and forceful opponent.

To call them terrorist is to deny them status...and that is very dangerous. If you do not understand your enemy and his motivation you can not beat him.

Calling them terrorist shows that we do not understand them or their goals. Their goal is not to "terrorize". People living in fear or in terror is not their goal...just a by product of their tactics. In this case these paramilitary militant fighters in Kashmir want the nation of India to leave. That is their goal. And they are using the tactics, tools, and resources available to them.

One could have called a good portion of the Colonial Militias terrorist. Or any guerilla fighter from the beginning of history...a terrorist.

The term Terrorist is the type of thing an oppressor uses...not those who are trying to liberate themselves or their allies from oppression.


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