Friday, April 15, 2005

An insult to free people everywhere 
So a bunch of Sunni terrorist scumbags claim to have taken 60 civilian Shi'ite hostages, and are now threatening to murder them unless the Shi'ites abandon the village. Call it "ethnic cleansing, Sunni style."

There is no mention in the Reuters report of them being soldiers or any other sort of combatant. These are family members of Shi'ites living in the village.

These act cries out to be labeled 'terrorism.' Any right-thinking, intellectually honest person would call these people terrorists. Anyone whose first loyalty is to the truth and to the integrity of the story and the language would call these people "terrorists." This cowardly and criminal act demands nothing short of the label "terrorist."

So what does Reuters call them?


Memo to Reuters:

Robert E. Lee was a "rebel."
Luke Skywalker was a "rebel."
Marek Edelman is a "rebel."

People who try to liquidate a Shia population in Central Iraq and force them to move to a ghetto in the south by kidnapping and threatening to murder their loved ones are not. Nor do these modern day orcs deserve the dignity of the label "insurgents," as you use it in the text.

This is not a "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter" scenario. Not to serious thinkers. Not to grown-ups.

Your use of the term "rebel" is a mark of shame to the Reuters brand and an insult to free people everywhere.

Splash, out


There's a great song by Atom And His Package called 'The Palestinians Are Not The Rebel Alliance'.

You're so Leftist
You're so pro-peace
You hate the death penalty
But love it in the Middle East


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