Sunday, April 03, 2005

First Commandos on the offensive! 
I hadn't noticed this until today, but, true to form, First Command spent a hellacious amount of time and energy launching into damage control mode in the comments section on this post. (scroll down a bit from the original entry).

It won't interest anyone except financial geeks.

Funny, except for Charles Caliente's, they are all anonymous postings from people claiming to be satisfied clients - even the ones who are obviously financial pros who are familiar with the internal FC commission structure. I guess First Command reps don't stick up for themselves in public - at least not in such a way as they can be IDd as First Command reps.

I hadn't meant to ignore their comments. I just didn't see them. (If you really want a response, it's best to email it. I don't keep up with the comments.)

At any rate, the question is moot, because since that post, First Command has been fined 12 million dollars by the NASD, and has been forced to abandon the contractual plan business model.

So the argument has really been settled.

Splash, out


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