Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Camilo Mejia slams his own unit... 
To Al Jazeera no less!

"The commanders wanted us to get into firefights because they wanted to put that on their resume to make them look better," Mejia told Aljazeera.net. "Thirty people were killed by my unit. About three of those people had weapons."

"Once you come home it's really hard not to think about it. You start going back to those moments and it's really hard to justify that," he said.

As some soldiers begin their second or even third tour of Iraq, Mejia says many are asking why are they still in the country two years after invasion and after handing over power and overseeing elections.

"'What the hell else are we there for?' Soldiers ask themselves this question. It's like there is no ending," he said.

Yep. I know I always go to jails to find my most reliable sources.

Don't know the number of people his unit killed, offhand, or whether he's talking about his platoon, company, or battalion.

But a lot more than three of them had weapons. Not all of them had weapons (it's not, after all, unheard of for an insurgent to grab his buddy's weapon and flee, either, big guy), and yes, some of the shootings were tragic mistakes.

But believe me, no one wanted our troops to get into firefights to pad our resumes.

It may be a foreign concept to some, but we wanted to win the fucking war. And bring our people home to their families with honor.

Well, that might be a foreign concept to some, too.

Splash, out


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