Saturday, April 16, 2005

Attention Reuters, you ignorant bunch of whores 
Thank you not only for insulting my intelligence by dignifying the human jackal spawn who take Shia women and children hostage and threaten to murder them in an act of ethnic cleansing with the label "rebels," but thank you also for giving them sufficient early warning to move hostages around or kill them outright, and to put their own orcs on full alert, by telegraphing a planned U.S./Iraqi raid on the newswires before it even happens, you scrotesucking tools.

Your cheap little scoop could cost hundreds of lives.

I hope you're happy.

And yes, I wouldn't want to put a byline on that piece, either.

Splash, out


Why on earth would a Shiite official tell a news service this information?? I'm not excusing Reuters but isn't there a problem here with the Iraqi's too?
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