Wednesday, April 13, 2005

An Associated Press Reporter Strikes Back! 
The AP Reporter who wrote a story on the U.S. Army Captain who shot a horribly wounded Iraqi in order to ease his suffering sticks up for herself in the comments section to this post.

(Actually, she seems to have posted anonymously in the comments section here.)

Nevertheless, here's the article to which I originally linked.

Not a hint of the medic's testimony. Nor, in this age of the Internet, is there a link to take me back to any earlier story, though that's CNN's doing, not the AP's. There is nothing in the article to suggest an earlier story even exists.

It appears that the reporter did her job adequately. Her editors didn't, though, when they repackaged the story. Well, unless you don't think that stories should, well, stand alone. Or you think it's the reader's job to do their editing and writing for them.

While I regret that the reporter's a bit thin-skinned, my dig was never with the reporter, but with the editing. I stand by my original characterization: The AP didn't bother with the details. Even though the reporter clearly provided them to the AP, they still omitted crucial details.

Perhaps I could have read the earlier version and then I would have known about the medic's testimony.

But then, that's not my job.

And a good article yesterday doesn't make a bad article today any better.

Splash, out


P.S., Geez, Louise! How come her editor isn't pounding the table here to stick up for the reporter? I ought to have found a couple of nastygrams in my email by now, you'd think!

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