Thursday, March 03, 2005

Viewers Abandoning CNN 
Looks like Eason Jordan won't be the only head rolling down the stairwell at Rockefeller Plaza:

CNN posted steep viewer losses during the month of February, slipping 21% in primetime and 16% overall, according to Nielsen Media Research.
Fox News was the only cable news network to see gains in primetime during February and beat all other cable news outlets combined for the sixth straight month.

FNC averaged 1.57 million viewers in primetime, up 18% from the same period last year, while CNN fell 21% to 637,000 viewers from the same time period.

I don't have a TV and I don't watch cable news much at all, so I'm not up on what's going on. I did see Bernard Shaw speak once, at the Securities Industry Association convention which I was covering as a reporter (back before I sold out to The Man and started writing marketing literature). I learned something about the man then: Shaw didn't overstate it, but he let slip that he is a former Marine, and said, something to the effect that "if someone is trying to kill you, you go after them, you chase them down like dogs, and you kill them first."

Overall, he was very hawkish.

He also mentioned that after Desert Storm, Saddam had a mural of George H.W. Bush's face tiled into the entryway into the lobby in one of the prominent Baghdad Hotels.

Most people, according to Shaw, including a lot of reporters, paid it no mind at all, but he was very careful always to walk around the President's image and not step on his face.

Shaw could do a lot for CNN's credibility now.

The man is a mensch.

They should beg him to come out of retirement.

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