Tuesday, March 22, 2005

More on starvation 
John Derbyshire writes about the awful heartbreak of starvation in Communist China.
If only the Left had such tender sensibilities. The death toll of the great Communist dictatorships of the 20th century “approaches 100 million,” according to the Black Book of Communism, a respectable and well-researched source. It is true, of course, that we did not see these corpses in our newspapers; yet none of this slaughter was much of a secret at the time, for anyone who cared to inquire. Still it took decades to sink into the consciousness of leftist intellectuals. From the earliest years of the U.S.S.R., refugees brought out tales of unspeakable atrocities by Lenin’s secret police. They were ignored. The high-ranking Soviet defector Viktor Kravchenko, in his 1946 book I Chose Freedom, wrote of seeing a mother with a baby in her arms shot down by the Cheka for being “counter-revolutionary.” Nor were babies merely shot by the leftist terror-states, they were eaten, too: the great artificial famines brought on by communism drove millions to cannibalism. Khrushchev recorded this in his memoirs, writing of the 1930 Ukraine famine. Jasper Becker, in his 1997 book Hungry Ghosts, which deals with Mao’s famine in China, records how starving peasants resorted to the ghastly custom of yi zi er shi — “swap children, then eat.” Since no-one could bear to eat his own children, you exchanged yours with a neighbor. Then you ate his, he ate yours.

And the real tragedy, of course, is that half an hour after eating Chinese, you're hungry again.

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That last comment is both literally and figuratively distasteful. To make such a race-tinged joke about people starving is not in very good spirit I think.

He's just being an infantryman, they're supposed to be disgusting. It turns out that they are called "grunts" for a reason.


You sick bastard...sir.
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