Saturday, February 19, 2005

Saw a bumper sticker today from the 700 Club that symbolically described the equation "Marriage = man + woman."

What a bunch of idiots.

If that were true, then the absolute value of man would be equal to the absolute value of the difference between woman and marriage.

The correct equation should be Marriage = (man + woman)^2 + x, with x being equal to the sum total of dowries, wedding presents, insurance discounts, and the net present value of half of one partner's social security benefits in future years.

I don't think that will fit too well on a bumper sticker. But if you disregard x, then you pretty much capture the central point: Marriage enhances the value of both the addends, and therefore represents more than the sum of its parts.

Which is to say, marriage is greater than any two of us alone.

Which, to sum up, is to say...

...Happy anniversary Mr. and Mrs. Captain Ed.


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