Monday, February 21, 2005

One Man Circle Jerk 
The New York Times' executive editor Bill Keller reveals what a classy guy he is here:
Keller also sees “blogging,” or online writing that blurs news and commentary, as a mixed blessing. While he celebrated the blogger’s ability to uncover breaking news, he noted that a blog’s inherent bias might be detrimental to the reader. “A blog is still a view of the world through a pinhole,” he said, noting that it can sometimes fall as low as being a “one man circle jerk.”

“There is a pressure to feel well informed without ever confronting an opinion that confronts your prejudices,” he said of blog readers.

Gee, kinda like a liberal working in a Manhattan news room?

So what is Maureen Dowd's column, if not a one-woman circle-jerk?

Splash, out


Jason, The world looks better when seen through a pinhole than that other sized hole.
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