Saturday, February 12, 2005

Jeff Gannon 
Well, it wouldn't be right for me, a media blogger, to ignore the Jeff Gannon story (although while warbloggers have reeled in a Great White Shark in Eason Jordan, it seems that the lefty bloggers are hooping and hollering over netting a guppy.

For the life of me, I'm not seeing what Jeff's great sin was -- other than being in the White House press corps and not being a liberal. And I guess within the White House press corps, that's probably a crime.

I think that any press room that's big enough for the whacky old bat that Helen Thomas ("Condi Rice is a monster, monster monster") has become is big enough to hold the odd conservative, too.

Yes, the guy used a pen name. Think that's a crime? Take it up with Samuel Clemens.

Yes, the guy may have been involved with setting up porn sites. Last I checked, that's not a crime, either. Is Gannon an anti-porn crusader? Many on the White House press corps are probably subscribers to similar sites. Which is also not a crime. It's interesting, though, to note the glee with which Gannon's detractors report that some of the websites were, in fact, gay male websites.

Can you say homophobic?

Did he possibly leak a classified memo?

Maybe. But remember that the beltway blatherers wax orgasmic when discussing the sainted Daniel Ellsberg and Katherine Graham. Remember that much of the Pentagon Papers were classified, too.

(Some of these same idiots are also still maintaining Alger Hiss's innocence, too, no doubt.)

Was his crime lack of objectivity? Well, what's Helen Thomas doing in there, after calling President Bush "The worst president ever?" Good God, what does she think of Lincoln, and why?

After all, Lincoln emancipated four million slaves. That's only half of the number who voted in Iraq's elections, and not counting Afghanistan.

So the lefty bloggers have extracted their pound of flesh. And done absolutely no one any good.

No surprise here.

Splash, out


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