Monday, January 03, 2005

We're making a dent... 
Andrew Sullivan links to this account of the mindless media dweebs giving a standing O to predictable partisan anti-Bush diatribes from Norman Mailer at a journalism convention.

Well, we already knew they were a self-absorbed pack of cynical ink slatherers. But this is promising:

"I'm a newspaperman - these people don't seem to understand what their role in society is," said Jack Hart, managing editor of the Portland Oregonian, which cosponsored the conference along with the Boston Globe and the Poynter Institute (which owns the St. Petersburg Times and Governing magazine, where I work). "It makes me very uncomfortable."

Just a couple of years ago, though, the fawning reception Mailer recieved could be taken as a given. It's only recently we've been able to seriously have this discussion.

And here's the argument from the managing editor of the biggest daily in a reliably blue state.

Keep it up. As Nathan Bedford Forrest said, "put the skeer on 'em."

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