Saturday, January 22, 2005

Stupidity, thy name is Chick 
Here's a story forwarded to my by the Islamic Broadcasting Network - an interesting English language publication.

You know those little palm-sized Jesus comic books you find lying all over the ground in and near college campuses and Santa Monica CA and whereever else nitwits like to gather?

Well, one of them has taken stupidity to new levels:

Members of a city mosque were troubled recently to discover that members of a small Christian church were on the downtown Green distributing tracts ridiculing Islam.

"We don't want them to defame and distort the religion this way," said Majeed Sharif, president of the United Muslim Mosque on Prospect Street. "If you don't know something, you should call somebody and ask rather than just going out and doing something like this."

The tract in question is titled "Allah Had No Son," a publication from California-based Chick Publications.

Chick Publications markets dozens of titles to evangelical churches that cast Islam as a demonic creation of the Roman Catholic Church. The churches then typically distribute the small, comic-book formatted tracts as part of their evangelism.

Now I've heard everything.

It's stupid on so many levels. I can't imagine a more destructive, counterproductive thing for Americans to do.

Besides, if you are a believing Christian, than Allah DID have a son: Jesus.

Radical Islam came to such power only because moderate, thinking Muslims - REAL Muslims - allowed it to, by tolerating such extremism and averting their eyes from the stupidity in their midst.

Christians need to do the same: Publicly rebuke this guy Chick.

Christians also need to be not so stupid about Islam across the board. It's a deep, rich tradition, just like Christianity and Judaism. There is so much to learn about.

Splash, out


How do moderate, thinking folks of any stripe (I'm actually non-religious) take proactive effective action without becoming like the thing we don't want to be, bulldozing extremists?

If we choose to take action, how do we compete - indidvidually or as a group - with the expertise, power and persistency of bulldozing extremists?

At age 12, I found a copy of The Death Cookie in a phone booth, and was absolutely baffled by it. Didn't help that my family reaction to such ludicrous hate speech was one of fear; they actually burned the thing.

You can rest assured that anyone familiar with his work would "publicly rebuke" him. A better phrase would be "publicly mock".

The tinfoil-hat Freemason tracts (goat devil!) are also a good source of wacky entertainment, but the true classics would be the Dungeons and Dragons and the Christian Rock Gives You AIDS.

--Obs, Haw Haw Haw!
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