Monday, January 17, 2005

The Pentagon gets into the fisking business!!! 
Here's an official Pentagon press release basically destroying Sy Hersh.
Agreed. The New Yorker has become a tool. And Sy Hersh is no longer reliable. The guy believes so many outlandish claims its tempting to contact him to see if I can make up something too loopy even for him to believe.

I had a lot of respect for him for a long time. He wrote some great stuff during the runup to the war. And I'm glad he broke My Lai. And it's probably a good thing he broke Abu Ghraib.

But nothing ever came of this incident.

Hersh allowed himself to be used. And he allows himself to be used again and again.

Splash, out


An American soldier broke the story by raising the bulls**t flag through his chain of command. The chain of command took immediate action the next day. The investigation was well underway when it became a media sensation story.

Months later, Sy Hersh broke the photos to the general public. Nothing more. The story was out there albeit not exactly being trumpeted.
I think the most interesting thing about the rebutal is what it does not deny.
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