Saturday, January 15, 2005

"I want to be a martyr for the ballot box!" 
The Washington Post interviews real Iraqis.

"Going to the polling stations is a victory for the Iraqi people," said Ali Danif, a 45-year-old writer.

"The elections are more important than the candidates," insisted Jamal Karim, his garrulous friend.

Not to be outdone, a smiling Suheil Yassin jumped in. "It's one of my wishes to die at the gate of the polling station," he said, a gesture that was self-consciously dramatic. "I want to be a martyr for the ballot box."

The reporter's name is Shadid. I assume he speaks Arabic. Maybe he can blend in with the populace better.

It's what you get when you aren't confined to your Baghdad hotel and the Green Zone and can get out and talk to people.

You can't put freedom back in a box, once it comes out.

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