Saturday, January 15, 2005

Former Army Secretary White Shows his True Colors 
From the New Yorker.

“If I had it to do again, what Shinseki and I should have done is quit, and done so publicly,” he said. White called it a measure of Rumsfeld’s contempt for the Army that he didn’t name a permanent Secretary of the Army to replace him until this past November. “To spend more than a year at war without a Secretary of the Army is unthinkable,” White said.

Wow. He didn't blow the whistle at Enron and he didn't have the moral courage to fall on his sword back when he WAS Secretary of the Army, and had something to lose.

He couldn't support Rumsfeld and the President professionally. Fine. So rather than have the grace to resign, he hangs on until he gets fired.


And then this former undersecretary goes to the New Yorker to snipe from the wings?

At least he's on the record.

On the whole, the New Yorker article is excellent. And the New Yorker has been doing some of the best and most perceptive military writing for years.

But when you read it, you also have to take it with a grain of salt - since New Yorker reporters are 1.) superb writers 2.) solid gumshoe reporters with great sources and access and 3.) Unwitting stooges being used by disgruntled former Pentagon employees who can't keep up with Rumsfeld.

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