Friday, December 24, 2004

What the troops REALLY think of Rumsfeld 
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Courtesy of Powerline, again.

There was a good deal of resentment against Rumsfeld in the ranks in September of 2003, when the 12-month 'boots-on-the-ground' policy was announced - which kept us on the ground another 3 months after we were told we'd be heading home in December.

But that faded quickly.

Rumsfeld has the respect of the troops.

The media doesn't.

“Paris Match spent a week riding with a Ba'athist SAM crew trying to get a shot at a military or DHL jet. They finally did. Then they protested that they had NO IDEA it was a civilian a/c, when that can be seen clearly in their own photographs (and presumably through the viewfinder. I daresay they were using an SLR).”

—“ AFP, AP and AP TV had advance notice of the murders of contractors in Fallujah last spring, so that they could position themselves on scene.”
from http://powerlineblog.com


People mistakenly think reporters are simply abusing “journalistic” license and “ethics” to get a scoop. The situation is actually worse than that: Reporters are being used as pawns for terrorism. Willingly.

Killing isn’t the primary goal in terrorism. Killing is merely used by terrorism to get attention. Why would terrorists bother involving the press if killing was enough? Terrorism needs the press.

The press is also willing to help terrorism by condemning, politically and profitably, the people and nations that oppose terrorism. They “expose” anomalies and represent them in a way that generates anger that can be harnessed by terrorists (simply because sensationalism is profitable). They work frantically when they smell the blood of an American like Rumsfeld or Bush, and are too lazy to work at all if a story would make America look good.

Terrorism is nothing without the press. Terrorism is the weapon of a pathetic, powerless and weak organization. They need each other. The press makes no money without sensation, and terrorists get no votes without the press.

Terrorists are powerless? Yes, Absolutely. They are so powerless that they need others to advance their agenda. They need Spanish people to vote a certain way, and Americans to vote a certain way. They must manipulate people to do their will because they don’t have enough support or power to achieve their goals on their own. They can not convince by using reason or by example because their goals are extreme. Instead they instill fear (thus “terrorism”).They need to make people afraid enough to advance the agenda of terrorism because there are not enough terrorists to kill enough people or to vote in a majority, or direct a government without the help of the fearful.

Terrorists know what they are doing. They could pack a thousand cars with explosives and hit a military installation all on the same day. But they know that one explosion every day, day after day, will wear away at the will of their enemy. The goal isn’t merely to kill; the goal is to defeat the will of their enemy. They also know that if there is blood, the press will be there. They also know that the press will put microphones in the face of people who oppose terrorism, and accuse them of letting the killing go on.

While they work to make one segment afraid to oppose them, they use propaganda to make another segment angry enough to join them. Terrorism is the ultimate hate machine. Divide and conquer with hate and fear. These are the primary weapons in their arsenal.

Terrorists are so powerless that even murders by the thousand would not have an effect; unless the world knew about it. And terrorists would not be able to generate anger if serious journalism were valued over sensationalism and profit.

While seeking fame and lining their pockets with blood money, journalist write strongly about the shortcomings of the people who are dedicated to destroying the worlds most effective hate machine since Hitler. The media’s self righteous sensational misrepresentations would be amusing, if they were not so deadly.

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