Wednesday, December 01, 2004

We shall meet but we shall miss them. 
Powerline points to a lovely online memorial for our Iraq and Afghanistan fallen.

What's unique is that you can look up a soldier, and post a message to his family and friends right on the website.

There were two I looked up right away: Major Matthew Schram of the 3rd Armored Cavalry Regiment, and Staff Sergeant Craig Davis, of the 603rd Transportation Company.

I'm pasting a few messages about each one here, from people who knew and loved them.

"Major Schram was in charge of the warehouse that I worked at. He became my friend on the spur ride and someone that I could always look up to. Major Schram is the greatest officer I have ever known and probably will be as long as I am in. No one can compare to his dedication, thoughtfulness and discipline. I spoke to him the day before he died and we laughed and talked about the past. He was wearing both his stetson and spurs right in the middle of the chow hall. He taught me that the military has everything to offer if you just go after it. One day I will pin on gold bars and know he is the reason I decided to go that route. To the Schrams, I hope you savor every happy memory. He was a wonderful man and an excellent leader"

SGT Wahl of Fort Carson CO

"Mat was a friend to me and I will always think of him as the most dedicated, perfect soldier I have ever met. I will never forget him. My new-born nephew was named after him. My best wishes to the family,friends and fellow soldiers who knew and loved him."

Laura Kurzyna of Centennial, Colorado

"I was MAJ Schrams driver in the 574th S&S CO. In Manheim Germany I learned so much from him he was not only my Commander but my friend also I was deeply saddend when I found out. Even though I lost contact with MAJ Schram about a year and a half ago I still employ what I have learned from this great leader in my everyday life. He will be greatly missed."

SGT Jamie Blackburn of Elizabethtown,Kentucky

"I was Major Schram's assistant while he was assigned to the Battalion S4 of HHD 7th Transportation on Ft. Brag. Not only was he the best officer I had ever had the opportunity to work with, was a great friend. He had the ability to separate work and the correction his soldiers needed from understanding and friendship he shared with us. He showed us disapline and careing. He truely loved the military but had not been one of the officers who had grown hard. He was a wonderful caring person. When he left our duty assignment he took the time to write each of us letters of referral which we could use when we left the military. He even took the time to write wonderful praise to our parents and have them signed by his superior. Of all the people I met in the military he was the best. I will never forget all that he made me become. I wish his family sweet peace in knowing what a fine man he was."

Pamela Schulz of Raleigh, NC

"I would like to thank Craig for being there when he was. He was like the father I never had. Whenever I, my mother, or sisters, and brothers were in need you were there. You taught me a lot in the years I got to know you. You were the first and only person who would let me drive. You played catch and basketball with me. I want to thank you again for the times you were there for me and my family. I would like to say that you will always be in my heart. Take care. I'm gonna achieve my goal of becoming a Basketball Player in the WNBA.
With Love"

Tanya of Chicago, IL

"I had the honor and priviledge of serving at Fort Campbell with Craig. He is truly a HERO in my eyes. He was leader who "led from the front" and believed in taking care of his soldiers. He believed in his commitment to the Army and taught me, as well as others to be better soldiers. His legacy will live on in the lives of those he touched: soldiers, friends, children and family members. It was truly a blessing to know him. TO THE FAMILY, there are no words that can be spoken or written that will ease the pain. Rely on God and he will strengthen you. I will keep you in my prayers. Although WE LOVE CRAIG - GOD LOVED HIM BEST!"


"Craig you were my hero. You were my father. I just wanna say thank you. I love you. I know you are watching me from above."

Jessica of Chicago, IL

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