Saturday, December 18, 2004

Team America Reviewed in Italian Newsmag 
I've been curious to see what Europeans would make of the animated satire "Team America: World Police." Especially after the hilarious opening scene in which Team America levels the Louvre in order to kill a couple of ragheads.

Fortunately, the Italian webzine Panorama publishes a review.

The bad news, it's in Italian. For those of you who don't know Italian, just think of it as a cheap knockoff of Romantch.

They fight the ragheads, humiliate pinko movie stars, and save the homeland.

The inventors of Southpark have created the Rambo of the 21st Century: Five marionettes that yack nonsense sarcasmo on Bush's enemies.

They sport middle-American, small-town names like Joe, Gary, Lisa, Chris, and Sarah (Note to Italians: Sarah wouldn't seem like such a uniquely American name if you hadn't been so merrily complicit in slaughtering Jews over the centuries, asshats.)

The men are square-jawed; the women fearless. Indomitable and armed to the teeth, they are determined to rid the public square of the enemies of civilization.

So what if, in their antiterrorist orgy, they mistakenly destroy Paris or the Pyramids of Egypt? For the heroes of Team America: World Police, a film by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have come not to wring their hands, but to act.

To the rhythm of a rock hymn "America: Fuck Yeah!", the leitmotif that accompanies every action scene, Team America not only attacks the Arabs - it takes dead aim at Hollywood liberalism.

Actually, it's a pretty straight-up review, and makes no anti-american points Parker and Stone don't already include in their film.

Do I think, as Andrew Sullivan does, that it was the best film of the year?


But hearing Kim Jong Il sit at a piano and sing the touching, heart-rendering ballad, "I'm So Ronery" was alone worth the price of admission.

Splash, out


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