Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Andrew Sullivan is calling for Rumsfeld's head.

Powerline pretty much devastates his argument, first by presenting a quote from Sullivan, ca. April 2003:

Look what didn't happen. There was no attack on Israel; Iran didn't intervene; Turkey didn't invade; chemical and biological weapons were not used. These weren't accidents. They were a function of an extremely intelligent and flexible war-plan, one that combined special forces, air-power, high-tech weaponry, local fighters, and old fashioned infantry in a military-technological nexus the like of which has simply never been seen on earth before . . . Of course, as you read this, the press will be touting the new "disaster" of post-war chaos. The refrain of "losing the peace after winning the war" will be deafening.

John Hinderacker then adds:

I suppose Andrew would say that he's changed his mind because a year and a half later, there is still violence in Iraq. But that doesn't negate anything he said last year, and if looting didn't discredit the war effort in April 2003, when the looting was at its height, why does it discredit the war effort now? (emphasis mine.)

To which, again, I would add:

What, precisely, is the evidence that I higher troop level in 2003 would necessarily result in lower troop levels now?

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