Thursday, December 09, 2004

...In which Jason gets pissed off!!! 
...So my mom called me last night. She told me a friend of hers is a lawyer who's son was in Iraq with the Army, and he's taken an interest in a recent class action lawsuit by soldiers protesting the stop-loss policy.

Anyway, this lawyer told my mom that I can get out of another overseas tour by resigning my commission.

I told my mom to quote me verbatim: tell this lawyer he can kiss my ass.

It's concievable that I would resign my commission someday over a point of honor, or because I could no longer ethically abide an immoral policy being carried out under my orders. I could resign my commission in a protest, or to avoid having to carry out an illegal order.

But to resign my commission in order to avoid a hazardous duty assignment? Fuck that. The very notion that such a course of action is even thinkable to him makes me want to spit in this guy's pathetic face.

What kind of officer corps would we have then? Is this how an officer corps would do justice to his son? Is this the kind of officer corps he would have leading his son into battle?

I'm all for an honest critique. But why is this idiot trying to sabatoge the army by undermining its officer corps?

My mom said me going back to Iraq is unthinkable to her.

I told her what was even more unthinkable to me is losing.

Splash, out


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