Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Double Tap 
Regarding the question: is it legal to make double tapping every piece of meat on the objective that isn't clearly hors de combat or trying actively to surrender:

Here's the straight dope from a cabal of JAG types:

Once you identify a hostile force, you can engage until they clearly and
unambiguously surrender; you become aware that they are wounded and "out of
action," or they're dead.

Thus, when you clear the objective, double-tapping each person on the
objective is okay in most circumstances -- unless the person is clearly
signalling that they have surrendered or you know that that person is out of
action because of wounds. When you run across the objective and see the
body there, you don't yet know the extent of their wounds, if they're
concealing a weapon (or bomb), or anything else. In those few instances,
the double-tap is probably fine. But once the action has died down, the
objective secured, and you can determine more easily that person's
condition, if you determine that person is incapacitated by his/her wounds,
then that person shouldn't be engaged.

So the double-tap is probably okay unless the person is clearly

Ok. But what about the double stop?

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