Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Bigotry in the Big Apple 
Columbia University's rapidly becoming an embarrassment to itself, and to the Ivy League.

In the world of Hamid Dabashi, supporters of Israel are "warmongers" and "Gestapo apparatchiks."
The Jewish homeland is "nothing more than a military base for the rising predatory empire of the United States."

It's a capital of "thuggery" - a "ghastly state of racism and apartheid" - and it "must be dismantled."

A voice from America's crackpot fringe? Actually, Dabashi is a tenured professor and department chairman at Columbia University. And his views have resonated and been echoed in other areas of the university.

There's lots more to the Jew-baiting climate at Columbia than just this one cracked professor, though. Read the whole thing. (Via LT Smash)

Hey, Al Gore was a visiting professor there.

How come we don't hear him didn't speak out against this nonsense?

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There is a lot of religion bashing by Christianphobes as well as anti-Jew conspiracy theorists. I think it would surprise people if they tracked this trend. Europe is rife with anti religion sentiment. France was spotlighted (on NPR recently) as it attempts to strip religion from government.

There has been an undercurrent for a long time, but since the U.S. election it seems to have surfaced with a vengeance.

Why is this happening?
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