Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Sinclair Broadcasting 
I don't think there's any serious doubt among thinking people (you know, other than NPR reporters and hard-core Democrats) that Sinclair Broadcasting is within its rights to critically examine Kerry's record, even shortly before an election.

I also don't think there's any serious doubt anymore that Sinclair Broadcasting is run by assholes.

Sinclair in a statement late Monday said that "we are disappointed that Jon's political views caused him to violate company policy and speak to the press about company business."

Umm, excuse me, Sinclair, but Lieberman was talking about the public trust and the use of the public airwaves.

That's OUR business!

Their refusal to waive Jon Lieberman's noncompete agreement - thereby driving him out of most major markets for at least a year and seriously handicapping his career - is a particularly venomous and vindictive touch.

Hey, Sinclair - let me know when you start looking to hire journalists and not robot Borg-men from Planet Zombie, and maybe I'll tune into your programming someday.

Splash, out


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