Monday, October 18, 2004

Powerline: 'Carter is Treasonous!' 
They state their case here.

I wouldn't throw around the 'T-word' very lightly. I would rather consider the patriotism of a former president to be above question.

There's no doubt, though, that as a former Chief Exec, Mr. Carter has given our nation's enemies a rhetorical early Christmas present with statements like these:

We have had a very disturbing change in our country in the last three or four years: from a 200-year history of war as a last resort to ‘pre-emptive war’. We have to attack other people in order to prevent danger to ourselves and, of course, now aerial bombing and long-range missiles attack both military and civilian populations with impunity.

Man, getting Carter to give advice on when and where to defend the interests of the United States is like getting the Central Park Jogger to give advice on self-defense.

It's a shame that even the elder statesmen of the Democratic party have degenerated to the point where they will utter any inanity, any slander against our servicemen, regardless of how their own words will be cited by our nation's enemies and used against our interests, for the purposes of short-term political gain.

I thought Carter was above that nonsense.

I guess I thought wrong.

Splash, out

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