Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Letters, I Get Letters 
Here's one from my "comments" section.

Well Geez, Jason. At least out-of-touch Time has enough English Comp skills to know to capitalize Marine.

No, I don't capitalize "marine." I capitalize "Marine Corps," because it's a proper noun. "Marine," when not referring to the institution itself, is not a proper noun, and therefore warrants the same treatment as 'soldier,' 'sailor,' or 'airman.'

There is a difference from a solider and a Marine A Marine is a not a classification, but a title, earned and,thus, to be capitalized when written. Hence, a proper noun.


"Marine" may be a title. But titles themselves do not warrant capitalization. 'general' does not get capitalized, except when used with someone's name. Same with 'captain.' Same with 'president. One capitalizes 'President' when referring to President Grant, President Carter, or President Davis. One does not capitialize when simply referring to an unspecified 'president.'

'Doctor' is not normally capitalized, except when used as a proper noun. 'Attorney at law" is a title, and is never capitalized.

Trying to make 'marine' an exception, somehow, is silly. You guys have been reading wayyyyy too much of your own press.

Comparing a solider to a Marine is like comparing a pack mule to a Stallion!

Sorry your penis is so small. But trust me...there are more productive ways to compensate, than by denigrating members of your sister services.

What a hypocrite! Yet, my ultimate question to you as I read most of your laughable points...if you are a solider in Iraq...are you doing all this blogging on government time? utilizing government equipment? web access? Please comment, I am sure the GAO and your local or service IG would like to know as badly as I do.

Hey...my name's on the masthead, baby.

But who said I'm a soldier in Iraq?

Splash, out


Remind me never to pick a grammar fight with you.

Navy has sailors
Army has soldiers
Air Force has airmen

The Marine Corps has Marines. It's a proper title, (and we don't ask for much). The M is CAPS.
And, he's not in Iraq now. Dummie.
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