Sunday, October 24, 2004

Democrat Campaign Tactics 
Here's one for the books:

A Colorado Springs woman recently received a call from someone claiming to be from Sen. John Kerry's presidential campaign who expressed condolences about the death of her husband in Iraq. When the woman said she knew her husband was still alive, the caller said a vote for Kerry would help keep him that way.

The Kerry campaign, of course, blames it on Republicans. Makes sense. John Kerry can't even take responsibility for the car in his driveway.

How about a simple "if true, this tactic is outrageous and the Democratic party condemns this and other similar actions. This is not what the Democratic party stands for, and we call on all our members to behave with the same civility we expect of our Republican opponents."

No. They have to turn everything around as an attack. It's sheer dysfunction.

Not to be outdone, of course, here's a Republican idiot distinguishing himself in Colorado:

Randal Wagner was removing Kerry-Edwards signs from lawns in Lakewood when he allegedly shoved one homeowner who tried to stop him, according to a police report. He later ended up tripping over a chain-link fence and knocking himself out. He was charged with trespassing and theft.

Yeah, that's the ticket. He, um...

...tripped. :)

At least the Republican has responded manfully to the attitude adjustment he allegedly didn't receive at the hands of an indignant homeowner:

Wagner now says he "sincerely apologizes" for his actions and hopes "moderating voices" prevail in the political debate.

Via Drudge.

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